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Flexipoint Pointing

Over time, the points that join the external points on your roof can be affected by weathering. Joints, especially mortar joints, can allow water to enter your home and cause water damage.
This can also happen to the joints that construct the roof of your property. The slight gaps between the joints can lead to the inside of your loft being subject to water damage and provide the attic with a lot of damp areas.


What is Flexipoint?

Flexipoint is a water-based material that is made to feel like ‘normal cement’, but their filling nature offers much more flexibility.

Applied with a trowel, Flexipoint is pre-coloured and comes in a range of colours to suit the exterior of your home. Our experienced roofers are able to seamlesslyblend the current style used on your home to the new Flexipoint material. No one will ever know that it had been replaced!

Why use Flexipoint pointing on your roof?

The polymers, adhesives and resins that are included within the Flexipoint material give it bonding strength whilst ensuring that your building is protected from the elements.

Extra weatherproofing is given when we use the Flexipoint primer; a liquid-based formula that is absorbed by the roof on your home to give the actual resign something to stick to.

Roofs are often battered with snow and ice but can break traditional mortar points, but Flexipoint has been tried and tested and is guaranteed to hold for at least 10 years!

North West Flexipoint pointing

If you’re looking to use this material on your roof, you’ll want to have it applied by an experienced roofer.

We have roofers all over the Penwortham, Leyland, Lancashire, Preston, Chorley and Blackpool areas, allowing every home in the North West to enjoy a leak-free roof on their home.

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